KAHO Awards

Every year, KAHO recognizes those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to our students, colleagues, institutions, and the industry as a whole. Announced at the annual conference, recipients are selected by the Awards/Recognition Committee, chaired by the President-Elect, based on nominations received from members.

Current KAHO Sponsored Awards:

Ruth Ann Howard Service Award / Outstanding Service Award

Awarded for outstanding service to KAHO and their institution(s). Service to KAHO includes but is not limited to: service on the Governing Council, serving on the Host committee of a KAHO sponsored conference, publishing in the SEAHO Report, performance which has merited other awards in the state previously, etc.

Recipients of the Ruth Ann Howard Service Award:

  • 2019: Alan Rucker, Morehead State University
  • 2018: 
  • 2017: John Michael Haky, Morehead State University
  • 2016: Chris Owens, Western Kentucky University / St. Catharine College
  • 2015: Dr. Chris Summerlin, Morehead State University
  • 2015: Bryan Shelangoski, University of Louisville
  • 2014: Dr. David Wilson, Murray State University
  • 2013: Dr. Alicia Golston, Western Kentucky University
  • 2009: David Wilson, Murray State University
  • 2007: Mike McClellan, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 2006: Michelle Massey, University of Louisville
  • 2006: Bob Brown, Transylvania University
  • 2005: Marcia Shrout, University of Kentucky
  • 2004: Doris Muller, University of Louisville
  • 2003: Shannon Colvin, Morehead State University
  • 2002: Christie Bing Kracker, Bellarmine University
  • 2002: Steve Stauffer, University of Kentucky
  • 2001: Karen Anderson, Transylvania University
  • 2001: Ruth Ann Harney-Howard, Morehead State University
  • 2001: Pat Whitlow, University of Kentucky
  • 2000: Jeannette Crockett, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 2000: Paula Hulick, Murray State University
  • 2000: John Stauffer, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 1999: Deana Culver, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 1999: Patty Hayden, Northern Kentucky University
  • 1999: Maclynn Scott, Western Kentucky University
  • 1999: Shannon Staten, University of Louisville
  • 1999: Melanie Tyner-Wilson, University of Kentucky
  • 1999: Ann Young, Centre College

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KAHO Unbridled Spirit Award

Awarded for significant and lasting contribution and service to his or her institution while embodying an unbridled spirit in service for the betterment of his or her institution, state, region, or the profession in general. Recipients should have a demonstrated record of service as a positive change‐agent in service to their students, colleagues, and peers.

Recipients of the KAHO Unbridled Spirit Award:

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New Professional Award / Outstanding New Professional

Awarded to one recipient for outstanding contributions and service to his or her institution. Recipients must have worked for the institution for at least one year but no more than three years.

Recipients of the New Professional Award:

  • 2019: Michele Curran, Western Kentucky University
  • 2018: Jolissa Yonker, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 2017: Kevin Willis, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 2016: Lauren Mountain, Northern Kentucky University
  • 2015: Bryan Mathis, University of Louisville
  • 2014: Sasha Ross, Western Kentucky University
  • 2013: Heather Dorion, University of Louisville
  • 2009: Lisa McElfresh, Northern Kentucky University
  • 2008: Wayne Centers, Northern Kentucky University
  • 2007: Sara Hummel, Northern Kentucky University
  • 2006: Kelley Woods, Northern Kentucky University
  • 2004: Glen Midkiff, University of Louisville
  • 2003: Justin Blevins, University of Kentucky
  • 2002: Sheila Murray, Northern Kentucky University
  • 2001: Neil McMillion, Murray State University
  • 2000: David Baskett, Western Kentucky University
  • 1999: Phil Hines, University of Louisville

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Graduate Student Award / Outstanding Graduate Student

Awarded to the one recipient for outstanding contributions and service to their institution. Recipients should be a graduate student enrolled in their program for at least one year.

Recipients of the Graduate Student Award:

  • 2019: Elena Nikolaeva, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 2018: Ann Brown, Murray State University
  • 2017: Rachel Hempel, Spalding University
  • 2016: Kaitlin Palmer, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 2015: Ciara Mills, University of Kentucky
  • 2014: Evan Keil, University of Louisville
  • 2011: Eric Neely, University of Kentucky
  • 2009: Elizabeth Cassady, University of Louisville
  • 2008: Jamie Key, Bellarmine University
  • 2007: Lauren Rust, University of Louisville
  • 2005: Angela Brown Taylor, University of Louisville
  • 2004: Michael Anthony, University of Louisville
  • 2003: Angela Lemke, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 2002: Nathan Bailey, Murray State University
  • 2001: Jessica Buchanan, Murray State University
  • 2000: Jessica Cumba, Murray State University

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KARH Student of the Year Award

Awarded to one recipient for outstanding contributions to his or her institution and the Kentucky Association of Residence Halls.

Recipients of the KARH Student of the Year Award:

  • 2019: Lydia Clay, Morehead State University
  • 2018: Sarah Williams, Bellarmine University
  • 2017: Casey Allen, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 2016: Zack White, Morehead State University
  • 2015: Maria Kues, University of Louisville
  • 2014: Louis Hahn, University of Kentucky
  • 2013: Jacob Holt, Western Kentucky University
  • 2008: John Whitt, University of Kentucky
  • 2006: Deana Test, Morehead State University
  • 2005: Patrick Scott, Morehead State University
  • 2004: Mikiba Wigfall, University of Louisville
  • 2004: Erin Yaden, Morehead State University
  • 2003: Jennifer McCauley, University of Kentucky
  • 2002: Jessica Oliver, Morehead State University

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Best of the Bluegrass Award

Awarded to the program deemed as the best at the annual KAHO Conference. The recipient(s) will receive a total of $500 to present the program and represent Kentucky at the annual SEAHO Conference.

Recipients of the Best of the Bluegrass Award:

  • 2019: True News: First Amendment Rights in the Residence Halls presented by Anastasia Chaky (Morehead State University)
  • 2018: Managing Up: Creating a Mutually Beneficial Supervision Relationship presented by Collin Bruner (University of Kentucky) and Casey Roley (University of Kentucky)
  • 2017: Challenging the Status Quo: Changing the Perception of Staff of Color presented by Kira Muñoz (Eastern Kentucky University), Ayanna Ross (Eastern Kentucky University), and Christina Reyes (Eastern Kentucky University)
  • 2016: Treat Yo Self: A Daily Commitment to Wellness presented by Danielle Cartwright (University of Louisville) and Sarah Gregory (University of Louisville)
  • 2015: “Hybrid” Isn’t Only Cars: Combining Interaction and Program Tracking for a New Community Development Model presented by Lisa Koenig (Northern Kentucky University)
  • 2012: Smile Squad presented by Teresa Crum (University of Louisville)
  • 2011: Hall Directors as Academic Advisors: How Housing and Residence Life Collaborates with Academic Advising at Western Kentucky University presented by Aubree Alvarez (Western Kentucky University) and Kevin Thomas (Western Kentucky University)
  • 2009: How to Sleep Tight and Not Let the Bedbugs Bite: Best Practices in Bedbug Management presented by Peter Trentacoste (Northern Kentucky University)
  • 2008: Blasting Off to Better Balance presented by Wayne Centers (Northern Kentucky University) and Peter Trentacoste (Northern Kentucky University)
  • 2006: Personal Image Management in the Age of Facebook and MySpace presented by Peter Trentacoste (Northern Kentucky University)
  • 2005: “We Called – They Answered” A Campus Collaboration presented by Dr. Ruth Davidson (Spalding University)
  • 2004: Using Volunteers on Move-in Day: A Team Effort presented by Helen Grace Ryan (Eastern Kentucky University)
  • 2003: SimHall, The Lighthouse of RA Training presented by Lana Riney (Western Kentucky University)

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Information about recipients not listed here can be sent to mykaho@gmail.com

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