KAHO Ruth Ann Howard Service Award Recipient

Congratulations to John Michael Haky of Morehead State University for being honored with the KAHO Ruth Ann Howard Service Award at the 2017 KAHO Annual Conference. The Ruth Ann Howard Service Award is awarded to individuals who have worked in Kentucky for at least three years who demonstrate outstanding service to the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers (including service on the Governing Council, serving on the Host Committee for a KAHO sponsored conference, published articles, and recognition for awards) and/or their institution(s).

From the nomination:

Since starting as KAHO’s Secretary/Treasurer in February 2016, John has demonstrated strong commitment and service to the organization. In his role, John has worked to transition the organization’s financial records to a clear and consistent reporting structure, and the result of this has been clear reporting information that has allowed KAHO to identify opportunities and weaknesses in the organization’s financial model, including financial sustainability and use of KAHO awarded scholarships during previous years. In addition to maintaining records for KAHO’s current activities, John has made the effort to research and recover many historical records regarding KAHO, including previous award winners that are currently listed on the KAHO website. Some of this research also included recovering previous account information, such as a Gmail account, where previous records were housed and also could be used for future opportunities.

Beyond his position responsibilities to KAHO, John has put for the effort to either grow or sustain many of KAHO’s resources. John has worked to enhance KAHO’s digital presence, which has included adding content and features to the KAHO website and when needed, posted regularly on KAHO’s social media sites. Never short on ideas, John has consistently proposed ways in which the organization can further its mission of being a resource for professionals and students in Kentucky, including increased communication means, revisions to key organization documents, and identifying professional development opportunities. During the 2016 KAHO Annual Conference, John both presented a session about integrating history and tradition into residence hall work and served as moderator for multiple sessions. Furthermore, through John’s role as an Adviser for KARH, he has worked to bridge the two organizations, allowing KAHO to be a strong resource for KARH as it continues to move through its transition as an independent organization.

John’s service to the profession, both with multiple organizations and positions at multiple Kentucky schools, has seen a positive impact on those around him and create a foundation for success for others.


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