2017 SEAHO Corporate Scholarship Recipient

The SEAHO Corporate Scholarship is awarded by the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers on behalf of the two corporate associates who have made the largest donation towards that year’s conference for an individual to attend the next SEAHO Conference. Consideration for the scholarship includes financial need, a potential first-time attendee for the SEAHO Conference, involvement in KAHO or other professional organizations, and published works.

On behalf of Luckett & Farley (www.luckett-farley.com/) and Southwest Contract (www.swcontract.com/), the 2017 recipient of the $250 SEAHO Corporate Scholarship is Collin Bruner from the University of Kentucky.

From the nomination:

Collin Bruner is currently in his first year as an RD at the University of Kentucky and has put in a submission for SEAHO called “Managing Up: Creating a Mutually Beneficial Supervision Relationship.”

In Collin’s first year as an RD he has not only shown his commitment to the RD position, he has shown his commitment to professional development. Starting on day one, Collin worked with other RDs to help create his session proposal and plans to co-present with another RD to enhance the experience of the presentation. While this RD has a different experience from Collin, he has still worked to figure out how they can combine their strengths and their passions.

I know that Collin is looking to get more involved in SEAHO and this scholarship will help him do just that! Collin has been in the region since grad school and is looking to later apply to RELI!


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