About KAHO

The Kentucky Association of Housing Officers (commonly referred to as KAHO), exists to provide opportunities of personal and professional growth for college and university housing and residence life officers across the state of Kentucky.

The purposes of KAHO are:

  1. To unite professionals of public and independent institutions who have responsibility for residence life, housing and related support areas.
  2. To encourage the sharing of resources, programs, procedures, information and policies of common interest.
  3. To cultivate professionalism, high standards and ethical approaches.
  4. To address the needs of staff members in all areas of housing including residence life, operations and administration.
  5. To provide an annual conference, workshops on current issues and a roster of institutional and individual members.
  6. To serve as a liaison with other state and regional organizations and the international ACUHO‑I.
  7. To provide an opportunity for staff members at all levels to contribute and actively participate in the achievement of KAHO goals.

Our Constitution

The constitution of the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers can be viewed here.

Social Media

Find us on Instagram by searching for @OfficialKAHO.

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