Governing Council

Your Kentucky Association of Housing Officers Governing Council provides leadership and oversight of the Commonwealth’s association for housing professionals to advance the organization, the members, their institutions, and the profession. See the profiles below to learn more about the people that serve you!

President – Casey Quickel


University of Kentucky

President Elect – Vacant

Serves in place of the president during any absence. The president-elect is responsible for assisting the host school of the annual KAHO Conference in planning and preparation for the conference. The President-Elect position will also be responsible for the recruitment and development of programs of the annual KAHO Conference by serving as the Programming Chair for the conference. The president-elect position chairs the Awards/Recognition Committee. The president-elect maintains monthly contact with the president, participates in long range planning and reviews the constitution for annual updates. This position is elected each year by a majority vote (51%) at the annual KAHO Conference. The person in this position is making a two-year commitment to the organization. This position serves for one year and automatically assumes the position of president at the annual KAHO Conference following the term of the president-elect. Should a vacancy occur in the office of the president-elect, the Governing Council will appoint a replacement until the next election at the annual KAHO Conference. (amended 10/2014)

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Colonel – Steve Stauffer


University of Kentucky

My name is Steve Stauffer and I am currently the Associate Director of Residential Operations at the University of Kentucky.  I oversees departmental operations, supervising staff members in the areas of risk management, student conduct and student staff selection.  In addition, I directly oversee the full-time staff selection process.  I co-chair the Housing Operations committee, serve as a member of the Housing & Dining Marketing committee, and coordinate departmental marketing efforts and website updates.  I help coordinate new staff orientation and various presentations throughout staff training.  Previously, I also served as an Area Coordinator and Assistant Director at the University of Kentucky.  Prior to working at UK, I worked as Hall Director and Area Coordinator at Eastern Kentucky University as well as an undergraduate Resident Assistant at Transylvania University.  I have served KAHO in a variety of roles, including conference host, SEAHO State Representative, and President, and I look forward to aiding the current Governing Council and provide insight to move the organization forward.  My lovely wife April and I have two sons, Caleb (6th grade) and Samuel (4th grade), who are in the Spanish Immersion Program in Lexington. 

Small School Representative – Vacant

Serves as a representative of small college and University members. Shall be a full time employee of a school with a student population under 5000 students, undergraduate and graduate. Shall have a current employment description involving work in Housing or Residence Life. Works to build and develop small school participation by maintaining contact throughout the Representative’s term. This can include but is not limited to creating discussion posts, groups, on‐campus visits, etc. The position coordinates a round table program at the annual KAHO Conference. Is elected for a 2 year term at the annual KAHO conference by majority vote (51%). Should a vacancy occur, the Governing Council will appoint a replacement until the next election at the annual KAHO Conference.

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SEAHO Rep – Aaron Roberts

Spalding University

Greetings!  I serve as Spalding University’s Director of Residence Life in downtown Louisville.  A seven-year small school veteran, my campus and association accomplishments include: Graduating from the Southeastern Association of Housing Officers 2018 Regional Entry Level Institute, presenting at SEAHO 2019 and the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers 2018 and 2019 state conferences, and providing on-campus living access to students who could not afford this benefit through the Housing Service Scholarship.  This student idea blossomed toward a $38,000 collaborative initiative providing ten students with an annual 50% room and board discount and a leadership role within our hall council.

As a Kentucky native, I received a Bachelor of Arts in history from Georgetown College and a Master of Education in College Student Personnel from the University of Louisville.  More importantly, I married my high school sweetheart Jessica ten years ago and we share three beautiful children.  When I am not spending time with Team Roberts or practicing a rock climbing hack my horrendous dancing gets me into trouble at weddings and social gatherings.  This tragedy means I will never be a hipster and featured in Portlandia.

For KAHO, I will leverage our voice toward thinking and action.  In thinking, I will advocate with our state and regional governing councils toward producing scholarship accelerating organizational and student success.  Concerning action, I will link the regional goals with our Commonwealth’s association.  Taken together, this influence seeks improving effectiveness for our departments and – as a result – our student outcomes.

Treasurer – Jarayon Jackson


University of Louisville

Greetings! I am Jarayon Jackson, the new treasurer for KAHO. I am from Lithonia, Georgia, and I hold a southern belle spirit with special interests in reading, puzzles, eating, dancing, and bringing happiness to old and new friends. After graduating from Spelman College with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Management Organization, I continued my education at Middle Tennessee State University where I received my M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision with a concentration in Higher Education. Shortly after graduating, I began my Higher Education career in housing working with diverse student populations of all classifications. For four years, I worked as a hall director and area coordinator with additional tasks in student conduct, student activities, orientation, and First Year Experience instruction. As my interest grew in housing, I transitioned to the University of Louisville as the Assistant Director of Summer Operations (ADSO). As the current ADSO, I work with summer and year-round camps, conferences, and short term housing logistics. As treasurer for KAHO, I look forward to not only managing the financial assets and liabilities of this association, but also creating ways of potential fundraising and partnerships. With money and partnerships coming in, the association is bound to have more opportunities to connect, network, and share the educational resources needed throughout the Kentucky region.

Graduate Student Rep – Kenzie Hall


Northern Kentucky University

My name is Kenzie Hall and I am excited to be involved with KAHO for the coming year as the Graduate Representative.  I am currently a Graduate Assistant Hall Director at Northern Kentucky University.  I completed my B.A. in Psychology at Transylvania University where I was an RA for two years and supervised a staff of RA’s in my senior year.  I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology while at NKU.  When I am not working or studying, I enjoy trivia, spending time with my dog, Maggie, and watching Netflix.

As the Graduate Representative I have a two goals: to get more graduate student involvement in KAHO and offer learning and development opportunities for those graduates interested in pursuing a career in housing.

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Secretary – Colleen Arnett


Bellarmine University

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