KAHO Service Awards

Every year, KAHO provides Chief Housing Officers at each member institution the opportunity to recognize individuals from their institution the individual’s outstanding service to their institution over the past year. These individuals are recognized each year at the KAHO Annual Conference

Current KAHO Service Awards:

KAHO Service Award

Selected by the Chief Housing Officer and awarded to one staff member from each member institution in recognition for their outstanding service to his or her institution over the past year.

Recipients of the KAHO Service Award:


  • Marie Anderson, Morehead State University
  • Gregory Moore, Northern Kentucky University
  • Trisha Clement-Montgomery, University of Kentucky
  • David Henry, University of Louisville
  • Doug Tate, Western Kentucky University


  • Michael Thomas, Berea College
  • Cody Cook, Centre College
  • Katelyn Spooner, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Hannah Tolliver, Morehead State University
  • Anna Brown, Murray State University
  • Marrese Whitsett, University of Kentucky
  • Michelle Montalvo, University of Louisville
  • Justavian Tillman, Western Kentucky University


  • Connie Mitchell, Eastern Kentucky University
  • John Michael Haky, Morehead State University
  • Debbie Thomas, Northern Kentucky University
  • Ashley Hill, Transylvania University
  • Tyler Priest, University of Kentucky


  • Sylvia Johnson, Bellarmine University
  • Alicia Klopher, Berea College
  • Tina Belcher, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Debbie Moore, Midway University
  • Leslie Barger, Morehead State University
  • Victoria Suttmiller, Northern Kentucky University
  • Kameron Lackey, St. Catharine College
  • Megan Wall, Transylvania University
  • Lauren Doerner, University of Kentucky
  • Evan Keil, University of Louisville
  • Pam West, Western Kentucky University


  • Robert Sparks, Morehead State University
  • Staci Chappell, St. Catherine College
  • Ashley Hinton Moncer, Transylvania University
  • Rick Schneiderman, University of Louisville
  • Justin Blevins, University of Kentucky
  • Zack Enman, Western Kentucky University

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Outstanding Resident Assistant Award

Selected by the Chief Housing Officer of a member institution and awarded to one R.A. from each member institution for outstanding service to his or her institution over the past year.

Recipients of the Outstanding Resident Assistant Award:


  • Emily Shields, Centre College
  • Kyle Dunham, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Micayla Gabrie, Morehead State University
  • Trey Johnson, Northern Kentucky University
  • Matthew Luce, University of Kentucky
  • Tariq Unodu, University of Louisville
  • Joseph Jacobs, Western Kentucky University


  • Chris Smith, Bellarmine University
  • Hanna Gibbs, Centre College
  • Kidus Shiferawe, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Donovan Cyrus, Morehead State University
  • Jordan Trull, Sullivan University
  • Raaziq El-Amin, Transylvania University
  • Ines Elena Martin, University of Kentucky
  • Cassidy Flood, University of Louisville
  • Cara Dillard, Western Kentucky University


  • Lindsey Smith, Morehead State University
  • Megan Quackenbush, Transylvania University
  • Abigail Shelton, University of Kentucky
  • Shravan Govindaraj, University of Kentucky


  • Austin Adam, Bellarmine University
  • Laura Cleek, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Turner Altman, Georgetown College
  • Laurel Payne, Kentucky Christian University
  • Sarah Hoke, Midway University
  • Zack White, Morehead State University
  • Anna Yockey, Northern Kentucky University
  • Michaela Patton, Spalding University
  • Kendall Troutman, Sullivan University
  • Hannah Weber, Transylvania University
  • Uriah Carter, University of Kentucky
  • Peyton Parker, University of Louisville
  • Catelyn Stanley, Western Kentucky University


  • Emaleigh Hall, Morehead State University
  • Ashton Crawford, Spalding University
  • Katie Jackel, Transylvania University
  • Connor Priest, University of Louisville
  • Kirsten Silvester, University of Kentucky


  • Katie Bailey, Midway College
  • Taylor Stanley, Spalding University
  • Allyson Lough, University of Kentucky
  • Aaron Schultz, University of Louisville
  • Trent Potts, Western Kentucky University


  • Morgan Wagner, Northern Kentucky University
  • Lindsay Pilgrim, University of Kentucky
  • Brooke Friley, University of Louisville


  • Ben Durham, Centre College
  • Larry Sue Deel, Morehead State University
  • Katie Avra, Northern Kentucky University
  • Nina Barnes, Transylvania University
  • Melissa Cowert, University of Kentucky
  • Leslie Childs, University of Louisville


  • Strother Gaines, Centre College
  • Jennifer Wilk, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Deanna Whitaker, Morehead State University
  • Kelly Rainey, Northern Kentucky University
  • Stephanie Baker, University of Kentucky
  • Megan Wilson, University of Louisville

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Information about recipients not listed here can be sent to mykaho@gmail.com

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