2018 KARH Student of the Year

Congratulations to Sarah Williams of Bellarmine University for being recognized as the 2018 KARH Student of the Year. The Student of the Year is award by the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers on behalf of the Kentucky Association of Residence Halls (KARH) to a student who has made outstanding contributions to their institution and the Kentucky Association of Residence Halls.

From the nomination:

At Bellarmine University we have many stand out student leaders who are always willing to step up and help their organizations, peers, and administrators. Sarah Williams however, outshines all of those students with her passion, drive, and desire to make a difference in the community in which she lives. Sarah has worked for Residence Life since her Sophomore year and has been interning in our office for the past two summers to gain more experience in Housing and Residence Life in order to prepare her for her graduate work in Student Affairs next year. On top of serving as our Senior Resident Assistant she is also interning in the Student Activities Center and serves as our NCC for our Residence Hall Association and Vice President for our National Residence Hall Honorary, as well helping with several other initiatives on campus as well. During her internship this past summer, Sarah was instrumental in helping our professional staff implement our new online training module and serving on our training committee to plan, facilitate, and evaluate or training for 52 Residence Life student leaders. She also helped create our new sociogram model and help to reframe the delivery of our BASIC community building model, and helped rewrite the RHA constitution to meet the current needs of our students through a new Hall Council model. This year, she is working to re-constitute the RHA and Residence Life team in Relay for Life, which is no easy task. What is amazing about Sarah is her care for others. She would willingly do anything she physically could for any of her colleagues, residents or campus administrators. I know that personally, my life and experience at Bellarmine has been much better by having her in it and I know the same is for our residents and those involved in RHA and NRHH. Due her experience, dedication and passion for Residence Life and especially RHA and NRHH, Sarah Williams is more than deserving of Student of the Year.


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