2016 KARH Student of the Year



Congratulations to Zack White of Morehead State University for being recognized as the 2016 KARH Student of the Year. The Student of the Year is award by the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers on behalf of the Kentucky Association of Residence Halls (KARH) to a student who has made outstanding contributions to their institution and the Kentucky Association of Residence Halls.

From the nomination:

Over the past year, this nominee has demonstrated an enthusiasm and passion for creating a welcoming environment for both residents and staff living on-campus at their institution. That passion has allowed him to have a significant impact on residence life and the students on the campus.

The nominee has an ability to effectively build relationships with residents and colleagues that has allowed him to excel as a Resident Advisor. The nominee’s fellow RAs recognized his ability to build an effective community and gravitated towards him as a leader among this residential area staff. In fact, his standout performance as an RA resulted in a promotion to Student Director mid-way through the last academic year. In addition, he served as his campus’ National Communications Coordinator for the newly formed Residence Hall Association before recently stepping into a Student Advisor role for the association.


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