2017 Graduate Student Award

Congratulations to Rachel Hempel of Spaulding University for receiving the 2017 Graduate Student Award at the 2017 KAHO Annual Conference. The Graduate Student Award is awarded annually to one recipient for their outstanding service to their institution.

From the award nomination:

Rachel Hempel stands as a disciplined achiever seeking communal flourishing. Upon admission with Spalding University ‘s doctorate of psychology program, an administrator noticed her undergraduate RA experience and asked Rachel if she would consider serving as Residence Life’s GA. Rachel accepted, and her story begins.

For two years Rachel served as Spalding’s chief housing officer. She worked 30 hours a week rather than a GA’s six-hour requirement. Rachel’s work involved supervising six RAs. All RAs retained during those two years. This retention spilled towards students. Our student residential enrollment went from the 140s, to mid 160s, then mid 170s, and now rests above 200. Include her practicum work and classes, as a full-time doctoral student, she held her schedule. And, the results show it. Knowing this, only a fool would say Rachel did not impact this flourishing.

Rachel knows her strengths and her weaknesses. Therefore she surrounded herself with the individuals to provide a well-rounded team. This included bringing on a full time housing director. Rachel oversaw this individual’s transition, with no hesitation turned over her crown, and continued her work moving Spalding’s needle on student success. Her strength as a disciplined achiever guided her work towards this aim. In result, we see the sprouts of flourishing

Therefore, I recommend Ms. Rachel Hempel as KAHO 2017’s graduate student award. We should give honor where honor is due, and our profession has the privilege providing it to Ms. Hempel.



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