2015 KARH Student of the Year Award: Maria Kues

At the 2015 KAHO Annual Conference, a plethora of awards were given out to deserving professionals from around our commonwealth. Because of time constraints at the awards luncheon, the letters of nomination were unable to be read. The KAHO Governing Council wanted each of the outstanding nominees to be fully recognized for the achievements and successes they have championed as well as thanking the nominators for such heartfelt and meaningful recognition.

KARH (Kentucky Association of Residence Halls) Student of the Year Award
Awarded to one recipient for outstanding contributions to his or her institution and the Kentucky Association of Residence Halls.

Join us in congratulating Maria Kues, from the University of Louisville!

Maria Kues

It is with pleasure to nominate Maria Kues for KARH Student of the Year Award. Maria has served as the KARH 2016 Conference Chair at the University of Louisville for the last year. Maria is one of the hardest working, most dedicated and passionate student leaders that I have had the opportunity to work with at the University of Louisville.

Maria’s hard work and dedication is clear through her years of being involved in the Residence Student Association (RSA) at UofL, prior to hear taking on the positon of KARH 2016 Conference Chair. Maria joined the RSA her freshman year of college and has been an active member since. She has served on the RSA executive board as the NCC for two years. As an executive board member, Maria had the opportunity to attend many conferences, including KARH, and was “bit by the conference bug”. Maria took it upon herself to present to RSA the idea to possibly bid for UofL to host a KARH conference. Maria was aware the hard work and dedication that it would take to host a conference, but was so excited about the opportunity that she wanted to be the chair of the conference. Maria was aware that it has been many years since UofL had hosted KARH and with her passion and undying pride for not only UofL, but for the state of Kentucky, she took on the task of being the KARH 2016 Conference Bid Chair and now Conference Chair.

Maria has worked tirelessly to get KARH 2016 off the ground and is truly dedicated to make KARH 2016 the best KARH conference that the state has ever seen! Therefore, it is without hesitation that I support Maria Kues’ nomination for the KARH Student of the Year Award.

Amy Chambers
Residence Life Coordinator
University of Louisville


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