2017 Burt Horine RELI Scholarship Recipient

The Burt Horine RELI Scholarship is awarded to up to two entry-level professionals to attend the annual SEAHO Regional Entry Level Institute (RELI). The 2017 recipient of the $250 Burt Horine RELI Scholarship is Casey Roley from the University of Kentucky. From the nomination: Casey Roley is going into her second year as an RD atContinue reading “2017 Burt Horine RELI Scholarship Recipient”

2017 KARH Student of the Year

  Congratulations to Casey Allen of Eastern Kentucky University for being recognized as the 2017 KARH Student of the Year. The Student of the Year is award by the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers on behalf of the Kentucky Association of Residence Halls (KARH) to a student who has made outstanding contributions to their institution andContinue reading “2017 KARH Student of the Year”

2017 SEAHO Corporate Scholarship Recipient

The SEAHO Corporate Scholarship is awarded by the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers on behalf of the two corporate associates who have made the largest donation towards that year’s conference for an individual to attend the next SEAHO Conference. Consideration for the scholarship includes financial need, a potential first-time attendee for the SEAHO Conference, involvement inContinue reading “2017 SEAHO Corporate Scholarship Recipient”

KAHO Ruth Ann Howard Service Award Recipient

Congratulations to John Michael Haky of Morehead State University for being honored with the KAHO Ruth Ann Howard Service Award at the 2017 KAHO Annual Conference. The Ruth Ann Howard Service Award is awarded to individuals who have worked in Kentucky for at least three years who demonstrate outstanding service to the Kentucky Association ofContinue reading “KAHO Ruth Ann Howard Service Award Recipient”

2017 Best of the Bluegrass Award

Photo courtesy of John Michael Haky (Morehead State University) Congratulations to Christina Reyes (Eastern Kentucky University), Kira Munoz (Eastern Kentucky University), and Ayanna Ross (Eastern Kentucky University) for being awarded the 2017 Best of the Bluegrass Award for their outstanding session Challenging the Status Quo: Changing Perceptions of Staff of Color presented during the 2017 KAHO Annual Conference. FromContinue reading “2017 Best of the Bluegrass Award”

2017 KAHO Service Award Recipients

During the 2017 Annual Conference, the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers recognized the recipients of the 2017 KAHO Service Award. Recipients of the award are selected by the Chief Housing Officer of each of KAHO’s member institutions for their outstanding service to their institution over the past year. The 2017 KAHO Service Award was awarded to: Connie MitchellContinue reading “2017 KAHO Service Award Recipients”

2017-18 KAHO Governing Council

Congratulations to the 2017-18 KAHO Governing Council: President: Leslie Maxie Ashford (Bellarmine University) President-Elect: Dr. Anthony White (Eastern Kentucky University) Colonel: Ann Young (Centre College) Secretary/Treasurer: John Micheal Haky (Morehead State University) SEAHO State Representative: Christina Reyes (Eastern Kentucky University) Small School Representative: LeRon Collier (Georgetown College) Graduate Student Representative: Ayanna Ross (Eastern Kentucky University)

There’s still time to be a part of KAHO 2017!

There’s still time for you be a part of the fun and excitement of the 2017 KAHO Annual Conference! The conference will take place October 5 & 6 in the beautiful setting of Berea College. All the conference details can be found on the KAHO 2017 website at https://www.berea.edu/student-life/kaho/ and any questions can be directed to kaho@berea.edu.Continue reading “There’s still time to be a part of KAHO 2017!”

KARH Annual Conference

The Kentucky Association of Residence Halls (KARH) will be holding its annual conference on February 10 & 11, 2017 at Bellarmine University. The purpose of KARH is to provide support and development opportunities for students who are currently involved with or have an interest in being involved with student housing on our campuses, which includesContinue reading “KARH Annual Conference”