Research Opportunity

In partnership with Elon University’s Center for Engaged Learning, Justin Leibowitz at the University of Louisville is part of a research group examining the experiences of STEM students living on campus, specifically differences between those living in a STEM-related LLC and those who are not. The group wishes to invite other campuses to join this research effort, which only requires the administration of a survey to students via email. Contacts on other campuses will only be asked to email the survey link and three reminders. To learn more, please email Justin at Schools must have a STEM-related LLC (e.g., health science, engineering, etc.) to participate. Other comparable programs like residential colleges are eligible, too. The survey data are not identifiable to individual students. The research proposal has been approved by IRBs at the University of Washington, University of Louisville (via authorization agreement with UW), and University of Central Arkansas.

For more information, please contact Justin Leibowitz at Thank you!


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