2015 Scholarship Recipients

At the 2015 KAHO Annual Conference, a plethora of awards were given out to deserving professionals from around our commonwealth. Because of time constraints at the awards luncheon, the letters of nomination were unable to be read. The KAHO Governing Council wanted each of the outstanding nominees to be fully recognized for the achievements and successes they have championed as well as thanking the nominators for such heartfelt and meaningful recognition.

SEAHO Corporate Scholarship
Awarded to two recipients in the name of KAHO and the two corporate associates making the highest donation toward the current year’s conference. The following criteria will be considered in the selection of the two recipients: Need based on the institutions’ financial status for travel and professional development, First time SEAHO participant, Leadership role within KAHO, Involvement in professional organizations, Presenter at a KAHO conference, Published articles in the SEAHO Report, ACUHO I Talking Stick or other professional publications.

Burt Horine RELI Scholarship Award
The Burt Horine Scholarship is awarded to two individuals to be able to attend the annual SEAHO Regional Entry Level Institute. The two ($250) scholarships shall be given at the annual KAHO Conference. Scholarships which are not awarded will be done so at the discretion of the Governing Council. All RELI participants shall present on their experiences at the following KAHO Conference.

Join us in congratulating Ashley Gutshall, Transylvania University and Jimmie Martin, Morehead State University on receiving the 2015 SEAHO Corporate Scholarships.

Also, join us in congratulating Arielle Clark, University of Louisville and Erin Edwards, Morehead State University on receiving the 2015 Burt Horine RELI Scholarship Award.


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