The Kentucky Association of Housing Officers has a rich tradition of engagement and professional development.

KAHO Past Presidents

2018-19: Dr. Anthony White, Eastern Kentucky University
2017-18: Leslie Maxie-Ashford, Bellarmine University
2016-17: Chris Owens, St. Catharine College/Western Kentucky University
2015: Dr. Chris Summerlin, Morehead State University
2014-15: Bryan Shelangoski, University of Louisville
2013-14: Hannah Piechowski, Bellarmine University
2012-13: Alicia Golston, Western Kentucky University
2011-12: Emily Davis, Eastern Kentucky University
2010-11: Wayne Centers, Northern Kentucky University
2009-10: John Stauffer, Berea College
2008-09: JoAnn Wilder, Union College
2007-08: Bob Brown, Transylvania University
2006-07: Virginia Hyden, Morehead State University
2005-06: Shannon Colvin, Morehead State University
2004-05: Marcia Shrout, University of Kentucky
2003-04: David Wilson, Murray State University
2002-03: David Wilson, Murray State University
2001-02: Ruth Ann Howard, Morehead State University
2000-01: Terry Burgess, Murray State University
1999-00: Steve Stauffer, University of Kentucky
1998-99: Steve Stauffer, University of Kentucky
1997-98: Ruth Ann Howard, Morehead State University
1996-97: Melanie Tyner-Wilson, University of Kentucky
1995-96: Ann Young, Centre College
1994-95: Maclynn Scott, Western Kentucky University
1993-94: Patty Hayden, Northern Kentucky University
1992-93: Shannon Staten, University of Louisville

KAHO Annual Conference Host Sites

2020: Eastern Kentucky University
2019: University of Kentucky
2018: University of Louisville
2017: Berea College
2016: Western Kentucky University
2015: St. Catharine College
2014: Morehead State University
2013: Eastern Kentucky University
2012: Murray State University
2011: Bellarmine University
2010: Northern Kentucky University
2009: University of Louisville
2008: Eastern Kentucky University
2007: Berea College
2006: University of Kentucky
2005: Morehead State University
2004: Eastern Kentucky University
2003: Western Kentucky University
2002: Northern Kentucky University
2001: University of Kentucky
2000: Morehead State University
1999: University of Louisville
1998: Eastern Kentucky University
1997: University of Kentucky
1996: Western Kentucky University
1995: Centre College
1994: Murray State University
1993: Eastern Kentucky University
1992: University of Kentucky
1991: University of Louisville