Research Opportunity

In partnership with Elon University’s Center for Engaged Learning, Justin Leibowitz at the University of Louisville is part of a research group examining the experiences of STEM students living on campus, specifically differences between those living in a STEM-related LLC and those who are not. The group wishes to invite other campuses to join this research effort, which only requires the administration of a survey to students via email. Contacts on other campuses will only be asked to email the survey link and three reminders. To learn more, please email Justin at Schools must have a STEM-related LLC (e.g., health science, engineering, etc.) to participate. Other comparable programs like residential colleges are eligible, too. The survey data are not identifiable to individual students. The research proposal has been approved by IRBs at the University of Washington, University of Louisville (via authorization agreement with UW), and University of Central Arkansas.

For more information, please contact Justin Leibowitz at Thank you!

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KAHO 2018 – Distilling Knowledge

Hosted at the University of Louisville, KAHO 2018: Distilling Knowledge will take place on October 4th and 5th! The University of Louisville and KAHO are excited to host our professionals and students in Louisville, and welcome everyone to share their practices and experiences to expand the collective knowledge within our community of practitioners and scholars. Please visit the KAHO 2018 website for information about registering, program proposals, accommodations, and directions.

Conference rates:
Professionals: $65
Undergraduate and graduate students: $35

Conference registration deadline: register here
September 25, 2018 at 5:30 PM EST

Program proposal deadline*: submit proposals here
September 18, 2018 at 5:00 PM EST
* Please note that we will review proposals on a semi-rolling basis to allow presenters as much time to prepare as possible.

Disability accommodations:
If you have a disability and require accommodation to participate in this event, please make your request by contacting Justin Leibowitz at 502-854-3738 or Please make your request by September 25, 2018 to allow sufficient time to secure the requested accommodations.

The KAHO Conference cannot succeed without the help of its valued partners and sponsors. This year’s sponsors are below, and we hope that you will learn more about them and visit with them during the conference!

Gold Level ($1,000+):
On Campus Marketing
Southwest Contract
SSC Service Solutions

Silver Level ($500-$999):
Off-Campus Partners

Bronze Level ($250-$499):
Caldwell & Gregory
CSC ServiceWorks
ECT Services
Lions Volunteer Blind Industries
The Brill Company

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SEAHO 2019 Call For Programs

The Southeastern Association of Housing Officers (SEAHO) is current accepting program proposals for its 2019 Annual Conference to take place February 26 – March 1, 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida.

More information about program submissions can be found at

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KAHO Annual Awards, Service Awards, and Scholarships

Do you know an outstanding student or professional who deserves to be recognized for work and effort this past year? At the 2018 KAHO Conference (October 4-5, 2018 hosted at the University of Louisville), KAHO will be recognizing the recipients of the KAHO Annual Awards, Service Awards, and Scholarships

More details about each annual award, service award, and scholarship can be found below and in the KAHO Constitution. To nominate yourself or another individual for an annual award, service award, or scholarship, please complete this form –

Nominations/Submissions for Annual Awards, Service Awards, and/or Scholarships should be submitted by Saturday, September 15, 2018.

Questions about any of these awards or scholarships can be directed to Dr. Anthony White, President-Elect and Chair of the Award/Recognition Committee, at

Annual Awards

  • Ruth Ann Howard Service Award – Awarded for outstanding service to KAHO and their institution(s). Service to KAHO includes but is not limited to: service on the Governing Council, serving on the Host committee of a KAHO sponsored conference, publishing in the SEAHO Report, performance which has merited other awards in the state previously, etc. Recipients should have worked within the state for at least three years.
  • KAHO Unbridled Spirit Award – Awarded for significant and lasting contribution and service to his or her institution while embodying an unbridled spirit in service for the betterment of his or her institution, state, region, or the profession in general. Recipients should have a demonstrated record of service as a positive change‐agent in service to their students, colleagues, and peers.
  • New Professional Award – Awarded to one recipient for outstanding contributions and service to his or her institution. Recipients must have worked for the institution for at least one year but no more than three years.
  • Graduate Student Award – Awarded to the one recipient for outstanding contributions and service to their institution. Recipients should be a graduate student enrolled in their program for at least one year.
  • KARH Student of the Year Award – Awarded to one recipient for outstanding contributions to his or her institution and the Kentucky Association of Residence Halls.


Service Awards

  • KAHO Service Award – Selected by the Chief Housing Officer and awarded to one staff member from each member institution in recognition for outstanding service to his or her institution over the past year.
  • Outstanding Resident Assistant (R.A.) Award – Selected by the Chief Housing Officer of a member institution and awarded to one R.A. from each member institution for outstanding service to his or her institution over the past year.



  • SEAHO Corporate Scholarship – Awarded to two recipients in the name of KAHO and the two corporate associates making the highest donation toward the current year’s conference. The award will be up to $250.00 for each recipient and will be presented by the KAHO President and the two associates at the KAHO conference. The following criteria is considered in the selection of the two recipients:
    • Need based on the institutions’ financial status for travel and professional development.
    • First‐time SEAHO participant.
    • Leadership role within KAHO.
    • Involvement in professional organizations.
    • Presenter at a KAHO conference.
    • Published articles in the SEAHO Report, ACUHO‐I Talking Stick or other professional publications.
  • Burt Horine RELI Scholarship Award – The Burt Horine Scholarship is awarded to two individuals to be able to attend the annual SEAHO Regional Entry Level Institute. The two ($250) scholarships shall be given at the annual KAHO Conference. Scholarships which are not awarded will be done so at the discretion of the Governing Council. All RELI participants shall present on their experiences at the following KAHO Conference.
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KAHO Governing Council Elections at KAHO 2018

Are you ready to take on an additional leadership role and serve as a resource to other student housing professionals and students across the Commonwealth? At the 2018 KAHO Conference (October 4-5, 2018 hosted at the University of Louisville), KAHO will be conducting elections for the following Governing Council positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Coloniel
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • SEAHO State Representative
  • Small School Representative
  • Graduate Student Representative

Full details about each position can be found below and in the KAHO Constitution. To express interest in running for a Governing Council position or to nominate someone, please complete this form –

Nominations/Interest Statements should be submitted by Saturday, September 15, 2018.

Questions about Governing Council positions can be directed to any of the current Governing Council members.


  • Serves in place of the president during any absence.
  • Serves as the Programming Chair for the annual KAHO Conference
  • Chairs the Awards/Recognition Committee.
  • Maintains monthly contact with the President, participates in long range planning and reviews the constitution for annual updates.
  • Assumes the position of President at the following annual KAHO Conference for the following term-year
  • Position is a two-year commitment – one-year as President-Elect and the following year as President



  • Serves as a sage and historical expert of the organization
  • Provides support, guidance, organizational memory, historical perspective, and continuity to the Governing Council
  • Provides parliamentarian support when necessary.
  • Elected individual serves a two-year term
  • Must be a housing professional who has been in the state a minimum of five years, has attended three or more KAHO Conferences, and has served on the KAHO Governing Council. If no viable nominations are solicited, the immediate past KAHO President will serve the one-year term.



  • Custodian of all funds, property and records of the association.
  • Maintains the checking account, and reports an annual financial statement and budget at the KAHO Conference
  • Prepares minutes of the conference, updates the KAHO e-mail listserv, and maintains general records
  • Collects information and prepares a historical record of the KAHO Conferences and Governing Council to present at the KAHO Business Meeting during the annual SEAHO Conference.
  • Elected individual serves a two-year term


SEAHO State Representative

  • Serves as the Kentucky State Representative for the Southeastern Association of Housing Officers (SEAHO).
  • Serves as a representative to the SEAHO Report and generates articles about Kentucky activities for this newsletter
  • Works to encourage professionals from around the state to generate articles for the SEAHO
  • Responsible to report and attend both SEAHO Mid-Year and the annual SEAHO Conference meetings, serving on SEAHO planning committees, maintaining correspondence with the state regarding SEAHO and performing other SEAHO duties as assigned. The SEAHO State Representative is responsible for his/her own expenses of attending the mid-year and annual SEAHO Conference meetings
  • The person elected into this position must have been working in the State of Kentucky in a full-time professional position for minimally the previous year
  • The term of office is from the start of the 2019 SEAHO Conference until the beginning of the 2021 SEAHO Conference


Small School Representative

  • Serves as a representative of small college and University members
  • Works to build and develop small school participation by maintaining contact throughout the Representative’s term. This can include but is not limited to creating discussion posts, groups, on‐campus visits, etc.
  • Coordinates a round table program at the annual KAHO Conference
  • Must be a full time employee of a school with a student population under 5,000 students, undergraduate and graduate, and have a current employment description involving work in Housing or Residence Life.
  • Elected individual serves a two-year term


Graduate Student Representative

  • Serves as a representative of students currently enrolled, full time or part time, in a graduate and postgraduate program
  • Works to build and develop graduate student participation by maintaining contact throughout the term
  • Works to develop and identify undergraduates who have a desire to work within the field
  • Coordinates a round table program and the case study competition at the annual KAHO Conference.
  • Elected individual serves a one-year term
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SEAHO Graduate Issues and Involvement Committee – Graduate Assistant Rising Star Award

Please take some time to recognize your Graduate Assistants in your department!

SEAHO’s Graduate Assistant Rising Star Award is designed to showcase the important contributions and achievements of our graduate assistants.  Through dedicated service to their department and home institution, these students have demonstrated academic success and commitment to the students they serve, while showing growth and development in the profession.

Graduate Assistants will be recognized via the Graduate Issues and Involvement and SEAHO social media, receive a certificate for their recognition via email as well as at the annual SEAHO conference, and recognition in the SEAHO Report.

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Spring 2018 SEAHO Report now available

The Spring 2018 SEAHO Report is now available! The Spring 2018 edition includes contributions from Kentucky institutions, including:

  • News and notes from the 2018 KARH Conference
  • Article: The Advisor’s Bookshelf by John Michael Haky (Morehead State University)

You can view the Spring 2018 edition at

Submissions, including institution updates and articles, for the Summer 2018 SEAHO Report are due by July 10, 2018. Updates for the Summer 2018 edition can be sent to the Kentucky State Representative at or directly here.

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2018 KARH Annual Conference (March 23-25, 2018)


The Kentucky Association of Residence Halls (KARH) 2018 Annual Conference will take place March 23-25, 2018, hosted by Northern Kentucky University.

More information about the conference, including registration and program proposals, can be found at

Also, information for students about bidding for KARH Annual Awards, 2018-2019 KARH State Board of Director positions, and hosting the 2019 KARH Annual Conference can be found at

** KARH Resident Assistant of the Year Award **

While most KARH awards are open to students at KARH member institutions, the KARH Resident Assistant of the Year Award is open to students from any KAHO recognized member institution. More information submitting a bid can be found at

Any questions about KARH or the KARH Annual Conference can be directed to John Michael Haky, KARH Adviser, at

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2017 Outstanding RA Award Recipients

During the 2017 Annual Conference, the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers recognized the recipients of the 2017 Outstanding Resident Advisor Award. Recipients of the award are selected by the Chief Housing Officer of each of KAHO’s member institutions for their outstanding service to their institution over the past year.

The 2017 KAHO Outstanding Resident Advisor Award was awarded to:

  • Lindsey Smith (Morehead State University)
  • Megan Quackenbush (Transylvania University)
  • Abigail Shelton (University of Kentucky)
  • Shravan Govindaraj (University of Kentucky)

Congratulations to all the recipients and thank you for all your had work and dedication to your institutions and its students.

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2017 KAHO New Professional Award

Congratulations to Kevin Willis of Eastern Kentucky University for receiving the 2017 New Professional Award at the 2017 KAHO Annual Conference. The New Professional Award is awarded to the housing professional who has worked between one and three years at their institution for their outstanding contributions and service to their institution.

From the award nomination:

Though Kevin Willis is just beginning his third year as a professional on our team, he has a long positive history serving EKU Housing and Residence Life as an undergraduate RA and graduate assistant. Kevin is a tireless worker and is inspirational to others on our team; he consistently demonstrates a humble can-do attitude, goes above and beyond, and is not shy about helping out where needed.

In his second year as a professional Kevin relocated from one of our smallest communities to one of our largest communities on the outskirts of campus. This was a move Kevin was somewhat hesitant to make, but agreed to the challenge because we felt he was extremely capable and the best fit for the community. Kevin absolutely flourished in his new role supervising a large student staff and a graduate assistant. Kevin’s care and concern for his students is evident in the interactions, both positive and constructive, that he has. Under his leadership the Keene staff functioned well as a team and created a very positive community atmosphere in a building that historically is a less desirable location for EKU students.

Additionally, Kevin challenged himself by taking on the chair position for the department’s diversity committee, as well as an advisor role with NRHH. Under his leadership the diversity committee planned and executed EKU’s first Tunnel of Oppression. This effort reached across the division for support and collaboration and resulted in an overwhelmingly positive experience for those participating. The committee also brought awareness to dating violence and mental health, as well as challenged the community to reflect on values. In his role with NRHH, Kevin assisted the group in providing the “In the Dark” series of real talk opportunities for students to discuss issues related to diversity. This academic year Kevin helped to develop a retreat for NRHH along with a workbook.

Kevin is a true asset to our team and community. It is with great pleasure that I submit his nomination.

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