Governing Council Elections


During the annual Business Meeting at the 2016 KAHO Conference, the KAHO membership body will have the opportunity to elect representatives to the KAHO Governing Council. The Governing Council serves the KAHO membership by providing leadership and direction to the organization.

The following Governing Council positions will be available to eligible individuals and will be elected by the membership body (click on the position below to go to a description of the position*):

* Position descriptions are based on expectations outlined in the current KAHO Constitution.

To nominate an eligible individual or yourself for one of the above positions, please email their name, institution, and email address to Chris Owens at Nominations will also be accepted from the floor during the Business Meeting.


  • Serves in place of the President during any absence
  • Assists the host school of the annual KAHO Conference in planning and preparation for the conference
  • Serves as the Programming Chair for the annual KAHO Conference, responsible for the recruitment and development of programs for the conference
  • Serves as Chair for the KAHO Awards/Recognition Committee
  • Maintains monthly contact with the President
  • Participates in long range planning and reviews the constitution for annual updates
  • Shall serve a one-year term as President-Elect, and will assume the position of President at the 2017 KAHO Conference for the following one-year term

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  • Individual must have previously served as KAHO President
  • Provides support, guidance, organizational memory, historical perspective, and continuity to the Governing Council
  • Helps provide parliamentarian support when necessary
  • Shall serve a one-year term, ending at the 2017 KAHO Conference

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  • Custodian of all funds, property and records of the association
  • Maintains the checking account, and reports an annual financial statement and budget at the KAHO Conference
  • Prepares minutes of the conference, updates the KAHO e-mail listserv, and maintains general records
  • Collects information and prepares a historical record of the KAHO Conferences and Governing Council to present at the KAHO Business Meeting during the annual SEAHO Conference, including the date, host, theme of the conference, schools in attendance, awards presented, officers elected, legislation passed, and keynote speaker presentations
  • Shall serve a two-year term, ending at the 2018 KAHO Conference

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SEAHO State Representative

  • Individual must have been working in a full-time professional position in the State of Kentucky for at least the previous year
  • Serves as representative of Kentucky in SEAHO
  • Serves as a representative to the SEAHO Report and generates articles about Kentucky activities for this newsletter
  • Encourages professionals from around the state to generate articles for the SEAHO Report
  • Responsible to report and attend both mid-year and annual SEAHO Conference meetings at individuals own expense
  • Serves on SEAHO planning committees and performs other SEAHO duties as assigned
  • Maintains correspondence with the state regarding SEAHO
  • Shall serve a two-year term, starting at the 2017 SEAHO Conference and ending at the 2019 SEAHO Conference

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Small School Representative

  • Individual must be a full-time employee at a school with a student population under 5,000 students, undergraduate and graduate, and must have a current employment description involving work in Housing or Residence Life
  • Serves as a representative of small college and university members
  • Works to build and develop small school participation by maintaining contact with schools, including, but not limited to, creating discussion posts, groups, on-campus visits, etc
  • Coordinates a round table program at the annual KAHO Conference
  • Shall serve a two-year term, ending at the 2018 KAHO Conference

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Graduate School Representative

  • Serves as a representative of students currently enrolled, full-time or part-time, in a graduate and postgraduate program
  • Works to build and develop graduate student participation by maintaining contact throughout their term
  • Works to develop and identify undergraduates who have a desire to work within the field
  • Coordinates a round table program at the annual KAHO Conference
  • Shall serve a one-year term, ending at the 2017 KAHO Conference

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